Organizational Assessment and Redesign

A Focused Plan to Achieve Performance and Value-Based Results

Maturity of organizations and their processes with regards to how they do business varies from place to place. Too often times we see that large organizations have many technologies implemented, but do not have a mature methodology and set of processes in place to deliver services to customers and users in an efficient, automated, or cost-effective way. Our experience from years of experience in consulting across multiple industry verticals have shown that even the most complex organizations can be improved on to give employees a better user experience in order to be more productive and change the way an organization’s people work. In order to transform an organization both in process and technology, an assessment of the present state is required. Recognizing where challenges and opportunities exist, we look to offer fresh ideas on the critical organizational design questions facing our clients today—how to adjust structure to adapt to the changing market dynamics; how to find a productive balance between span of control and organizational layers, as well as standardized central verses diverse local processes; where to locate and leverage centers of excellence; and how to deploy knowledge and skills effectively by getting the right people communicating with each other. We know how to support our customers tailor their strategy to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT, increase efficiencies of their business processes, drive performance, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health. We also work with our customers to build a roadmap for their organization that they can use as a baseline in the years to come as part of an on-going assessment activities in order to continuously improve delivery of services across the enterprise Undertaking an organizational transformation initiative or IT Service Management program can be a challenging task. Take it from us, we know. With over 25 processes and several functions in ITIL framework, it can be difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, without having a plan to show measurable and relevant business results, it is incredibly difficult and unlikely to gain support from your stakeholders and management team. In order to be successful, a strategic plan is required. In order to know where to go, you need a clear picture of where your current organization/business is today in terms of your people, processes, and technologies. You then need a plan on where they need to be, and an actionable roadmap of steps showing how to get from where the organization is to where the organization desires to be. Our team here at P5 know how to help with this. We can deliver an objective assessment and provide a roadmap that aligns to your specific industry (i.e. State & Local Government, Public Sector, Federal, Financial Services, Healthcare, etc.), organization, and goals. The roadmap feeds directly into your strategy by providing a structured, actionable, and a measurable service improvement plan for scalable and sustainable alignment to your constantly changing business needs. What you can expect:
  • A rapid and cost effective ITSM assessment identifying the current state, desired future state, and an actionable improvement plan. Our assessment will look at how your current business processes are carried out, and how they fit/align to your existing technologies.
  • A clear picture Identification of "quick wins" to focus on first to generate the results your customers and stakeholders want most and to gain buy-in at all levels of the organization.
  • An objective, tailored ITSM improvement strategy in half the time and cost of traditional consulting engagements
  • Measurable ROI for process improvements
Our ITSM assessment of your organization can be used to develop an ITSM strategy and build stakeholder support. For information on our assessment services, please Contact Us.