Service Catalog

Deliver a centralized Service Catalog for better and rapid delivery of IT Services

When people work in an organization without a centralized Service Catalog where you have to go many different places to order different IT services (hardware, software, access requests, etc.), it is like sitting down at a restaurant and the server handing you many different menus. When organizations do not have a Service Catalog at all, it is like sitting down at a restaurant without a menu to order from. An effective Service Catalog provides a clear means of communicating the services offered to customers, and can serve as a foundation for the adoption of IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices. Implementing an Employee Self Service Catalog and Portal is the single most significant action IT can take to automate processes, satisfy users and their experience beyond their expectations, and remain relevant. There is nothing more foundational for improving customer service and the perception of IT than a beautiful and complete IT Service Catalog and Portal. Our Service Catalog consulting services and workshops include:
  • Clearly define a list of available IT service offerings
  • Group service offerings into Lines of Service
  • Match offerings and Lines of Service to distinct customer segments
  • Determine distribution and maintenance plans
  • Identify key points of accountability
  • Identify process interfaces
  • Establish roadmap for implement a Service Catalog in ServiceNow
  • Develop, execute, and implement the Service Catalog in a rapid and cost-effect manner