Collaborate effectively with SharePoint. We are Microsoft Partner who knows how to help you get the most of out of it.

Whether you are already using SharePoint, or need to upgrade to the latest version, we are here to help. As a Gold Partner that has rolled out SharePoint for both large scale enterprises and small/medium sized businesses, we can help you utilize this technology in the most effective and efficient way. We offer:
  • New roll out and implementation services
  • Licensing
  • Development Services
  • Branding
  • SharePoint Online Deployment
  • Upgrade Planning and Execution
  • Migrations to SharePoint or Migrations off of SharePoint
Legacy Migrations into SharePoint For companies currently using legacy document imaging or ECM systems P5 Solutions can provide a proven methodology to migrate documents and metadata into Microsoft SharePoint. P5 Solutions will work with each customer to map legacy data structures to a new day forward SharePoint taxonomy. Migrations off of SharePoint For companies looking to move content from SharePoint to alternative document imaging or ECM systems P5 Solutions can provide the professional services required to achieve these goals. Working closely with customers, P5 Solutions will map the SharePoint data structures to a new day forward taxonomy on the alternate system.

SharePoint Overview

SharePoint is a web application of Microsoft Office which launched in 2001 and in today’s time almost every business organization uses this tool to manage their day-to-day routine. The SharePoint application development includes a variety of tools and mechanism that are used to create custom SharePoint portals. The SharePoint application can easily integrates with other Microsoft application with facilitating organization to streamline their work flow and processes. The SharePoint application is an excellent which is web-based platform that can be used for teamwork and document management. It is highly useful to construct and host enterprise-level internet and intranet sites and web applications. Microsoft SharePoint is considered similar to Microsoft Office as it is comprised of similar tools and applications for the convenience of the user. It is sure that Microsoft SharePoint is a wonderful software solution and its main aim is to increase productivity. Overview of Microsoft SharePoint:
  • The application which uses SharePoint provides a new method to deliver precise information of functionality to a SharePoint site.
  • SharePoint 2013 brings the “Cloud app model” which facilitate user to create apps.
  • Microsoft host and control a public SharePoint store, where developers or users will be able to publish and sell their custom apps for SharePoint.
  • It is absolutely easy to use, stand-alone app that solves a specific end-user or business needs.
  • Organization can use any language for creating apps, like HTML, PHP, .NET and other web development tools and so on.
Microsoft SharePoint is a customized, collaborative web application. One of the main objectives of Microsoft SharePoint is to bring group together and manage a group plus make efforts to enhance the business’s efficiency. This application can be used online which is a winning feature. To see a demo of Microsoft SharePoint, just Contact Us today.